I’m really busy because of life and this internship that I’m doing but it makes me really happy that so many people are falling in love with Bryan Fuller because of Hannibal / SDCC.

I see you, Georgia. You’re not alone.

Spoilers about Ellen Muth’s character on Hannibal.

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“No! Not interesting! Crazy, right? It’s crazy that a person would think that inanimate objects are talking to them, telling them to do things. And crazier that a person would feel compelled to do the things that the inanimate objects are telling them to do! Please tell me it’s crazy.”

Wonderfalls (2004, Bryan Fuller & Todd Holland)


An ode to Bryan (Jesus) Fuller.

Oh, and now I understand why Emerson Cod has such a particular liking towards patterned suits.

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Hi :) I just wanted to know which series or film are the gifs where the girl says her boyfriend's wife has called and she said that he was servicing him sexually and stuff, sorry couldn't post the link :) help me!! =) thank you in advance :)

It’s from Bryan Fuller’s series Wonderfalls (as listed in the tags) - though Eric is not Jaye’s boyfriend, at least not at that point. :)

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